Dogs have an extraordinary ability to teach us to be present and in the moment so we can unlock barriers inside and know ourselves at a much deeper level. This allows us to improve our relationship and our capacity for self awareness. They tune into our deeper energetic states and are able to know or sense our feelings even if we as humans do not. They connect us to our heart space and aid in the navigation of our psyches on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.  Dogs are a gift from God (ever notice that they share the same word in reverse). At FaerDog we are grateful to be among these animal healers!

FaerDog is a non-profit organization designed to enhance health, well-being, and youth through animal-assisted therapies/activities utilizing the power of the human-animal bond. For centuries humans have relied on animals for livelihood, companionship, food, protection, transportation, service, happiness and unconditional love. Animals connect us to nature, to source, and to each other. 

FaerClub Member Benefits:

  • Dog Training & Daycare

  • Puppy Raising & Classes

  • Access to pool for doggy swim sessions

  • Activities: DOGA, Yappy Hours, Pup Pool Parties, Dog Socialization

  • Emotional Support Animal (ESA) training and prescription letters when medically indicated



Lift the brows, lower face, and neck. Decrease saggy skin. Increase collagen and elasticity. Get rid of double chin. 

Guaranteed best price for Ultherapy. 

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50% off


Botox or Dysport

Eliminate and prevent wrinkles! Lift the brows and open the eyes. Lift the corners of the mouth. One of the best treatments to keep that youthful look.

$10 per unit Botox

$4 per unit Dysport


Dermal Fillers

All Dermal Fillers, $100 off any competitor's price (in 30 mile radius). Guaranteed best price possible!

$100 off

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